2016-06-11 15:44:48 by AlbertGurl

... I will be moving, so I might be inactive.  I may appear here and there, because where I'm moving to has no wi-fi.


Ciao, for now!


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2016-08-07 02:55:16

Aww. Ok. :(

AlbertGurl responds:

Hi. :3


2017-01-12 13:52:06

It's been a while.
How are you?

AlbertGurl responds:

I've been well. How 'bout you. :)


2017-01-23 21:57:35

Exhausted, Honestly. This last about week has been exhausting for me, But I'm alright.
Just trying to save some money.. So I can blow it all on a new game. XD

AlbertGurl responds:

(Sorry for the uber-late comment!).

Ahh, awesome. x3 Me, I'm just roughin' it. But I'm still hanging in there!


2017-04-28 00:32:43

It's good. Lol
And yeah, Shit gets difficult as we get older. :/
Making it as an Artist is hard. Even with a demand for freelance logo designers who do work cheap, (Like me), It's still hard to get noticed as an artist.~

Glad your still hanging in there though!
I'm doing the same. Things are getting better though... Slowly...