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Hello. I'm a strange woman who is probably an extreme xenophile. I love a variety of things, strange things especially. I also love the Heartless. Stick around for all-around love and goofiness.
I also have a Discord, but I'll only share via PMs.

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AlbertGurl's News

Posted by AlbertGurl - 2 weeks ago

Hello again! Been a while, hasn't it?

First, some good news; My 14-year-old-cat is doing much better now! She's eating and moving around much more, which certainly makes me happy!

Secondly, I may open up art commissions fairly soon! I'm still debating on this and getting my things together beforehand, but I already know what prices I'll have set. Once I AM ready to take commissions on, I'll keep you guys posted.



Posted by AlbertGurl - September 15th, 2020

Grief is such a fun thing to have when you have to think about your 14-year-old cat passing away soon!

But in all seriousness, my dark heart's been heavy since I saw my oldest cat's health decline a lot lately. And I realize that she doesn't have too much longer to live, so I try to be as close to her as I possibly can before she has to squeak her last squeak.

It doesn't help that this is happening a bit over ten days before my birthday.

Posted by AlbertGurl - September 11th, 2020

First of all, I'd like to apologize to all who've been following me for the lull in activity.

Family life and whatnot have been keeping me at bay, such as my sister having two sons, babysitting, and drama involving a broken jawbone.

All of that nonsense has passed and NOTHING has been getting any better. To the point to where I might actually have to go out of state to find work. While I have been rather inactive here, I hope to be that way once again, because I plan on opening up commissions in the future! While I'm not ready to open them up just yet, I'm planning things out still.

It's been a hard decision to have to grow more and more distant with my sister, but hopefully, if and when things finally stabilize for us, we'll see what happens next.

So here's hoping this plan will turn into action and I can actually have the space to do stuff!

Posted by AlbertGurl - December 8th, 2019

Uggh, it's been a while since I last posted anything here, hm?

Well, now you know that I'm nowhere even near dead yet. I'm more active around deviantArt and Discord nowadays(send me a PM if you want my code!), but hopefully, I'll get around to posting if all else fails(and since Tumblr no longer allows NSFW drawings).

So uh, yeah... how're you guys doing?

Posted by AlbertGurl - December 11th, 2018

I mean, with Tumblr bringing the banhammer on ANYTHING adult-related, do you guys think I should start posting more works over here?


If you guys approve or not, either way, I might start posting more art here, 'cause I know the NG community's a whole bunch of cool cats and we can all get along easily, regardless of what I post.


With that being said, I HOPE to stick around more often.

Posted by AlbertGurl - April 5th, 2018

Hello again, Newgrounders.  To start things off, yes, I have found myself a decent job, which is no biggie to me and that's all good, so no need to worry about that anymore.  For now, we get onto something ELSE I've been thinking about.


You remember my old Kitsune-Kay account, right?  I've been thinking about osting my latest doodles here, if anyone's interested in seeing my art.  I'm no professional artist, but it's not garbage to say the least!  Although, do forgive me if you see my doddles done on lined paper, clearly I have limited funds, so I hope you don't mind seeing drawings done on compbook paper.


With that being said, I'm gonna blast off to the netherworld again until I once more reappear, so toodles!

Posted by AlbertGurl - March 13th, 2018

Here's to hoping I get a job I want... and soon!

Posted by AlbertGurl - November 7th, 2017

Yep, I FINALLY got an internet connection, therefore, I'll try and be more active!

Posted by AlbertGurl - October 19th, 2017

That's right, I've officially moved into a place of my own and will hopefully be MUCH more active than before!


And I turned 22 last month... 22, can'tcha believe that?!

Posted by AlbertGurl - June 11th, 2016

... I will be moving, so I might be inactive.  I may appear here and there, because where I'm moving to has no wi-fi.


Ciao, for now!