Internet Official!

2017-11-07 17:14:20 by AlbertGurl

Yep, I FINALLY got an internet connection, therefore, I'll try and be more active!

Look who's (officially) back!

2017-10-19 14:29:33 by AlbertGurl

That's right, I've officially moved into a place of my own and will hopefully be MUCH more active than before!


And I turned 22 last month... 22, can'tcha believe that?!


2016-06-11 15:44:48 by AlbertGurl

... I will be moving, so I might be inactive.  I may appear here and there, because where I'm moving to has no wi-fi.


Ciao, for now!


2016-04-22 21:25:36 by AlbertGurl

My brother complains about how badly my sister's slapping his arm because of a mosquito was and said he was gonna cry.


In short, my brother is a big-ass baby. xD

Confuse my mind and make days go by many times faster than they should!  That's another reason why it's in Spring, 'cause time SPRINGS forward, whereas fall makes it FALL backwards(no joke!)!


Asides from my rambling on about this, I'm still good.


2016-03-12 22:25:57 by AlbertGurl

Has anyone else noticed Newgrunds having issues before it recovered?  For me, these issues were making me unable to fave, respond or follow anyone.


Has anyone else experienced this?  Let me know!

What the living fuck?

2016-02-22 04:06:59 by AlbertGurl

Just last night(Sunday the 21st) I had a seizure for no clear reason.  If you know me well, then you'll know I have seizures monthly.


I have no fucking idea what caused this one! >:(

Not Quite Dead Yet!

2015-11-02 20:04:59 by AlbertGurl

But still not quite as active here as I used to be.  :<  Oh well.

Fresh, new account!

2015-06-28 16:02:26 by AlbertGurl

For those who have followed me on my Kitsune-Kay account, follow me here instead, because that account's going to be pretty much abandoned.